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4 unique codes for 5 characters:

Native Symbola [1] Code UTF‑8 UTF‑16 LE Surrogates Name Cat Block
🧟 🧟 1F9DF F0 9F A7 9F 3E D8 DF DD D83E DDDF ZOMBIE So Supplemental Symbols and Pictographs
200D E2 80 8D 0D 20 ZERO WIDTH JOINER Cf General Punctuation
2640 E2 99 80 40 26 FEMALE SIGN So Miscellaneous Symbols
FE0F EF B8 8F 0F FE VARIATION SELECTOR-16 Mn Variation Selectors

4 Unicode blocks:

Name Range Chart
Supplemental Symbols and Pictographs 1F900-1F9FF PDF
General Punctuation 2000-206F PDF
Miscellaneous Symbols 2600-26FF PDF
Variation Selectors FE00-FE0F PDF