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9 unique codes for 10 characters:

Native Symbola [1] Code UTF‑8 UTF‑16 LE Surrogates Name Cat Block
🏝 🏝 1F3DD F0 9F 8F 9D 3C D8 DD DF D83C DFDD DESERT ISLAND So Miscellaneous Symbols and Pictographs
FE0F EF B8 8F 0F FE VARIATION SELECTOR-16 Mn Variation Selectors
T T 0054 54 54 00 LATIN CAPITAL LETTER T Lu Basic Latin
h h 0068 68 68 00 LATIN SMALL LETTER H Ll Basic Latin
a a 0061 61 61 00 LATIN SMALL LETTER A Ll Basic Latin
i i 0069 69 69 00 LATIN SMALL LETTER I Ll Basic Latin
l l 006C 6C 6C 00 LATIN SMALL LETTER L Ll Basic Latin
n n 006E 6E 6E 00 LATIN SMALL LETTER N Ll Basic Latin
d d 0064 64 64 00 LATIN SMALL LETTER D Ll Basic Latin

3 Unicode blocks:

Name Range Chart
Miscellaneous Symbols and Pictographs 1F300-1F5FF PDF
Variation Selectors FE00-FE0F PDF
Basic Latin 0000-007F PDF